Hourglass Winery

Located in Calistoga, the Hourglass Winery is a contemporary winery carved in the hillside which is adjacent to the Blueline Vineyards. Designed by Lundberg Designs, Hourglass is the “anti-Napa” winery, a venue that turned the traditional winery model inside out with the inner workings of winemaking displayed prominently in front. The winery’s exterior required large shotcrete angled retaining walls to accommodate an outdoor crush pad and fermentation tanks.




Blueline Winery

A clean-lined cantilevered roof melds with the mountain and serves as shelter for the fermentation tanks. The outdoor crush pad leads deep into a 5,500sf barrel storage cave that goes deep into the mountainside. The cave’s shotcrete walls present a uniquely grooved surface texture revealing the earth’s natural beauty. A gathering place honors the elements of design with modern simplicity and synergy.

Lundberg Designs

Lundberg Designs


Lundberg Design specializes in high-end modern design, with no particular emphasis on any particular building type.