Chappellet Barrel Chai

Situated on the rocky slopes of Pritchard Hill in St. Helena, Chappellet Vineyards envisioned a barrel chai that created a multi-sensory journey in winemaking and aesthetic appeal. Our team at Centric worked together with Chappellet to build a structure designed for wine storage and aging. The barrel chai naturally blends into the site’s beautiful, majestic surroundings in a way that minimizes the impact to the environment. A majority of the structure is underground to reduce heat gain through exterior walls.




Chappellet Vineyards

The roof is insulated to R-48 and the aboveground exterior walls are insulated to R-42. Approximately 77% of the roof is clad with solar panels, which help to cool the building by shading the roof. The chai achieves nearly zero net-energy use, due to high-energy efficiency and electrical production from the photovoltaic system. All heating systems are powered by electricity, not gas. The visible, above-ground portion of the building uses unfinished recycled-steel panels, which will eventually patina to blend in with the agricultural surroundings.

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