Playgroup Preschool Education

Just inside the 15th Avenue Presidio gate, on Battery Caulfield Road, sit two historic buildings where the new Playgroup Preschool Education is located. Buildings 1818 and 1819, once the location of the Infectious Disease Research Laboratory and Offices of the old Marine Hospital, were built in 1932. The buildings have sat unused for 30 years and were magnets for graffiti and vandalism. Designed by San Francisco-based practice Zack de Vito who also designed the Lone Mountain Preschool, the Playgroup Preschool Education school is just a stone’s throw down the road from The Playgroup Education’s location. The two buildings are relatively small – 6,000 square feet for 1818 and 1,600 for 1819 – but large enough for 60 students.


Historic Rehabilitation



The scope of work for the construction of the school includes hazardous materials abatement, seismic upgrades, ADA improvements (including a limited use/limited application lift to service the basement of building 1818), a new deck to connect the two buildings, a new glazed entry vestibule at the rear of 1818, restoration of historic windows, and select tenant improvements necessary for preschool use (new floor finishes, paint, lighting, ceilings, bathroom fixtures, etc.). The school has a fenced, outdoor play area and when completed, the buildings are LEED Silver certified.

Perkins + Will

Zack | de Vito


Zack | de Vito’s philosophy is to design buildings with attention and detail, while maintaining discipline, thoroughness and big picture overview.