Solage Luxury Resort Renovation

Located in Calistoga, the Solage Luxury Resort renovation project took place in one of the Napa Valley’s highest ranked resorts. The renovation project encompassed enhancements to the resort’s Michelin star recognized restaurant, Solbar and award-winning Spa Solage. The Solbar required renovation to its 2,000sf kitchen and relocation of its bar, resulting in a fresh new facelift. Interior enhancements included increasing the size the of the interior lounge and dining areas, which were divided by custom-built partitions of reclaimed wood to create intimate settings for both areas. Large, oversized, multi-paned windows were also installed to add more natural light into the space.


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A 40-seat courtyard was built for year-round outdoor dining, quintessential to the Napa Valley experience. The Spa Solage refresh entailed the redesign and 2,700sf expansion to the existing building, which included a grand location room and new locker rooms. The entire refresh features warm tones echoing the palette of the Napa countryside. All work was performed during a fully booked and operating resort.


Backen, Gillam, & Kroeger


Backen, Gillam & Kroeger Architects is an award winning architectural design firm formed in 1996.