The Birdhouse

Nestled in the sun-kissed hills of the Napa Valley, the residence dubbed the Birdhouse is a modest 1,900sf single story home, two-bedroom home. The home boasts Jacobsen’s signature assemblages of single-story volumes with gabled-roofs pitched at 45 degrees. The compact floor plan is two intersecting axes. The structure is primarily wood frame with fiber cement siding and metal roofing on a foundation of concrete structural slab on piers and grade beams. The home illustrates precision and reduction from clapboard siding absent of interior moldings to the placement of switch plates. Visitors are greeted with bluestone pavers leading up to the entrance. Visitors enter the front entrance leading to a great room, comprised of living and kitchen spaces. The entire area is flooded with light from dormers and window walls framing panoramic vistas.


Custom Home

Hugh Newell Jacobsen Architecture

Hugh Newell Jacobsen Architecture

Project Architect

Guided by Hugh Newell Jacobsen and his son, Simon, the firm distills vernacular building types into designs that feel grounded in history yet are fervently forward-thinking.