Angwin Country Estate

Tucked away in a private Angwin countryside, the estate, designed by San Francisco-based practice Lundberg Design, called for a residential transformation of a simple ranch house. Originally, the house was very plain – low eight-foot ceilings, one level, and with no connection to the outdoors. The first order of business for Lundberg Designs was to change all that. The home was gutted and transformed with cathedral ceilings, a completely glazed-end façade, and dropped a level for a living area.


Custom Home

A Finnish soapstone stove was built-in into the center of the home to provide warmth. Steel trusses and windows were added to provide some visual detail and appeal. A trellis was added to the front entrance to add depth and texture to what was otherwise a very plain façade. Other features include recycled rustic flooring, non-toxic 0 VOC paint, organic insulation, and recycled corrugated metal roofing from an old barn. The property also has a large garden shed, or studio space attached to a large chicken coop. Ultimate, the goal was to take a dark box and transform it into an open, light-filled space that connects to the surrounding landscape. The result is a country estate with creative rustic flair.


Lundberg Designs




Structural Engineering