Centric provides comprehensive feasibility planning, pre-construction services, project management and permit expediting, supported by a network of specialists in all trades. Our services include:
Pre-Construction and Planning
Centric works closely with clients, architects and designers relying on a vast network of skilled craftsmen. Detailed project estimates and realistic project schedules are created for each project. Experience in both commercial and high end residential construction gives Centric exceptional project planning perspectives with the ability to offer innovative solutions to complex construction challenges.
Project Management
Construction projects require clear direction, organization, and the ability to manage diverse resources to achieve the desired results. Our many complex projects require this to an even higher degree. Centric’s experienced project management teams are hand-picked to provide the required leadership, exacting technical knowledge, and the necessary management skills to ensure our client’s unique objectives are achieved within the constraints of both time and budget.
Value Engineering
Centric employs systematic methods to identify all possible cost reduction opportunities while maintaining original design intent in order to maximize value while reducing cost for our clients. We continuously evaluate our project plans to identify where cost-reductions and environmentally friendly alternatives are possible. Incorporating green building practices within our value engineering exercises has often offered our clients greater cost savings while reducing ecological impact on the project site.
Building Information Modeling(BIM)
At Centric, we use state of the art three-dimensional real-time dynamic modeling software to increase productivity and clarity in design, construction, cost estimating, material tracking and procurement this helps us to eliminate uncertainties and identify cost-saving opportunities in the preliminary design phase. The benefits to our clients are; increased efficiency and tighter budgetary control throughout all phases of the construction venture.
Entitlement and Permitting
Centric provides entitlement and permitting support to landowners and developers for all project types. We have an acute understanding of all local, state, and federal regulatory permit and entitlement processes. At Centric, we foster close communication with local regulators at every opportunity.
Interior Construction
Working with distinguished designers and master craftsmen to create premier commercial and elegant custom residential interior spaces, Centric uses logical planning, quality materials, and precision workmanship to adapt any design to the unique specifications of an individual client. Centric’s project management experts can address any idea and share it with our architectural and design partners to help our clients gain a clear understanding of a projects scope, construction costs, and site limitations.
Historic Rehabilitation
Understanding the unique challenges inherent in the restoration of historic structures, Centric is acutely familiar with historical construction techniques and uses the highest quality materials to complete all projects. Employing innovative construction practices to enhance a historic structure’s respected heritage is a difficult balance to maintain within the requirements of today’s stringent regulations and challenging building codes. Centric excels in this responsibility and has a proven track record of satisfied clients as our reward.
Green and Sustainable Construction
Centric is committed to environmental responsibility and efficiency throughout the planning and building process. Building design, economic sensibilities, durability, and optimum comfort in the end result, complement an emphasis on Green Building Techniques, materials from local resources and implementation of the latest technologies from around the country and around the world. When starting any project we continuously look for ways to reduce ecological impact, environmental cost, and increase the efficiency of the end-building product while maintaining budget parameters.